Turning 24

Last week I turned 24!

Since my birthday fell on a weekday, Luke and I took the day off and had a relaxing time eating far too much food and going for walks in the sun. I will always avoid working on my birthday if I can help it!

We started with lunch at The Pig on the Beach in Studland. I’ve wanted to try their food since my mum suggested it for my 23rd birthday lunch. The timings didn’t quite work out though, as the Pig was only just opening, so I was looking forward to booking it for my birthday this year.

The food didn’t disappoint…
It doesn’t look too exciting, but my garlic and potato soup was delicious! I was happy with my choice to order something light, as we also ordered plenty of sides (called piggy bits and fishy bits – we had the risotto balls and fancy fish fingers, plus a side of thrice cooked chips). Luke’s lamb was so good too! I think I’d order the “small” soup next time as I didn’t quite finish the “large”…
After lunch we wandered over to Studland beach, to find a strong seaweed smell and the beach covered in black gunk.
We peered over towards Old Harry’s Rocks from the path.
And decided to head up there!

We’ve walked up the cliff path once before, just over a year ago, so we knew it wasn’t a really long walk. It takes around half an hour from the car park if I remember, then the views start to get sensational.

The cliffs are ridiculously sheer…5.jpg


After a little rest…

…we wandered back to the car feeling tired and happy.

On the way back we stopped off for a quick walk on Studland beach – down the other end there was no sludgy seaweed…

I love Studland beach, it might even be my all-time favourite beach.

We sat for a while before heading back home to watch Pitch Perfect (6-7/10, think my expectations were too high) and ate Domino’s, as per birthday tradition. I was also serenaded by my best friend over the phone, who played me happy birthday on her violin. A pretty perfect birthday!


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