Lulworth Cove and beyond

Today we spent a little time exploring a new bit of the coastline that we hadn’t seen before. One of the many things I love about living in Dorset is that there always seems to be somewhere we haven’t yet discovered, even after 3 or so years!
We started out at a classic destination though, Lulworth Cove.
After a brief struggle with the parking ticket machines… thinking my card had been charged twice – though I’ve since checked my online banking and it looks like we’re alright. And I reasoned that we enjoyed ourselves enough to justify it even if I did pay twice!
Anyway, after that stress (and the chaos of the busy car park) we wandered down the small road to the cove.

Which was scattered with pretty boats


The water was so clear and there were tons of people out enjoying their picnics in the sunshine. Being the lazy type of picnickers we’d brought our Tesco meal deals, though it didn’t stop me feeling a bit jealous of the people who’d had the foresight to bring their cups of tea in a thermos.

Oh well – it was really too sunny and warm for hot drinks! We sat and ate our lazy picnics on the pebbles

Skimmed some stones…



Then made our way further along the beach and up to the coast path, which gave beautiful views of a gorgeous boat passing the entrance to the cove.


We walked the muddy path up to the top, east end of the cove, where the views were incredible
View from the end of the cliff


We walked along to the east of Lulworth Cove, interested to see what the views would be like further on.

We could see a hint of what was to come in the distance


But nothing prepared us for the view when we got to the concrete bunker we’d been aiming for


Breathtaking views for miles! You could see the light moving over the cliffs as the clouds drifted above. It was so stunning and none of my pictures really do it justice!

Still, we tried our best to capture the moment


And sat for a brief moment watching the sunlight move over the cliffs


Before realising we’d better head back before the parking ran out. Probably a good idea as we were getting pretty tired and thirsty from the mild exertion of walking.

Back along the coast path


And down the steps to the beach


Then trudged back across the stones, remarking how walking across moving stones must be a good workout for legs. That justifies the ice cream then!

Stopped to take photos of the pretty cottages


It’s probably really weird owning a cottage like this and knowing your house is in thousands of people’s photos

Before heading back home, tired and happy.
Hopefully there’ll be a lot more adventuring this summer. As I say, there’s always somewhere new to explore in Dorset, let alone the rest of the country!
Anna xx

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