Weymouth Wandering

It had been a while since we’d popped out to Weymouth and I always love the variety of scenes it has to offer, from the leafy gardens…


…to the colourful boats and buildings around the harbour…


…to the sandy beaches with your classic “Victorian seaside” feeling.


For a quick treat to refuel, we love The Curve cafe along the Esplanade. Luke had an amazing hot chocolate with “extras” – whipped cream and Maltesers. And of course we split a rich, chocolatey brownie between the two of us. Delicious!


Back at the seafront, we wondered what the view was like through the little telescopes dotted along the beach. Turns out, not great – but only 20p wasted so we weren’t too disappointed!


Walking back to the car past the Pelican of London tall ship


Did they add the pelican after calling it the Pelican or did they name it the Pelican after adding the pelican?


More pretty colours lining the harbour – we got so lucky with the weather and another crisp January morning!


Thankyou Weymouth! I’m sure it won’t be long before we’re back again.

Anna xx


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