Foggy Dorset

For most of the week we have been unable to see the hands at the end of our arms in Dorset. Just as I’d treated myself to a shiny new lens and vowed to get outdoors and practice star photography! Never mind, at least now that the fog has cleared I’m sure there’ll be some clear nights soon.

I thought I’d share some of the pictures I took earlier this week in the mist around Ham Common, a slightly creepy place at the best of times due to winding paths…


… and often eerie silence across Hamworthy Lake


There seems to be spiky gorse in every direction – and as a person with, shall we say, not an optimal sense of direction, I often end up stuck in overgrown spikes having followed a not-quite-path.


Still, despite the fog and the spikes, Ham Common is still one of my most frequented places to explore, with tons of wildlife hiding in the trees. I spotted at least 5 squirrels just in the one pine tree, as they discarded their pine cones directly onto my head (not pictured).


And a couple of swans honking away overhead…

And then it was all over! A slice of sun broke through, and I marvelled at being able to see more than a few metres in front of my face.


Here’s to the sunshine, however novel and “interesting” the fog can be!

Anna xx


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