One night in Llandudno

This weekend took us to North Wales, for a chance to celebrate and catch up with family, as well as make the most of the area in the relatively little time we were staying. One of the many benefits of getting out to visit relatives in their local area is the personal recommendations – the best spot for sunset for example.


The view from Great Orme was wide and open and spectacular, with miles of rolling hills and pink fluffy clouds catching the last light of the day’s sun.


We walked around the headland, trying to get in a good spot to look at Conwy Castle…


… found it, boys?IMG_0016.jpgIMG_0018.jpg

As it got darker we headed back to the car and made our way down to Llandudno to check into our hotel, ready for an evening stroll.


Apparently there’s an Alice in Wonderland trail in Llandudno – we found the Mad Hatter’s pocketwatch…


… before making our way back to the hotel and to bed, just in time for twhere it poured with rain and we snuggled up in cosy beds.

I checked the forecast for the morning and convinced myself (and Luke) that we needed to wake up at half 6 to go and take pictures of dawn breaking along the seafront.


We (I) clambered over the giant rocks to get to a sandy patch for sinking my tripod and getting pictures of the lights reflected in the low tide. Gotta get those #puddlegrams!


Strangely enough there weren’t too many people about at 7am on a Sunday morning… you can always count on seagulls for company though.


Without much warning, the sky set on fire…


(not literally)


We found a winding path which took us high over the town, and suddenly the snow topped mountains of Snowdonia came into view.


This pigeon has the best view in town…


… whereas humans have to settle for slightly wonky benches (is it still wonky if the ground is wonky too?)


Show over, we made our way back down to the promenade.


So many cute hotels – my favourites were the grey ones, I’d totally paint my house grey if I had one.


And that was our fly-by visit to Llandudno over! It treated us well.

Anna xx


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