Bramley apple and maple syrup tray bake

I’ve been meaning to make a particular recipe from the Bake Off book I was kindly given by Luke’s parents for Christmas (thankyou!!)

This sticky, nutty, maple syrup and apple tray bake.


Mine came out wildly different than expected, but I thought it’d be nice to share some pics along with a few notes of things I’d do differently to improve my results next time!

A couple of places where you can view the recipe: thehappyfoodie & dollybakes


Step 1 is always “get everything out of the cupboards and realise how small your counter tops are”


Peeling – my least favourite. I’m sure there are fancy peeling tools which might make this job easier; does anyone have any tips??


Apples diced and maple’d, with more cinnamon than the recipe told me – mmm cinnamon. Sorry Luke! (he’s constantly trying to curb my over-zealous cinnamon habits)


Next step: whisk up the egg whites, then remember that the whisker-bits for our hand whisk mysteriously went missing a number of months ago. Attempt to improvise with a magic bullet?


Fail and nip to Asda for a new hand whisk…


Black and red and only the second cheapest one in the shop. We are true grown-ups.


Into the oven for 30-35 minutes (but I didn’t count, just took it out when it smelled done and a skewer came out clean)


OK, this is where I feel things went amiss. I made up the maple syrup/cream cheese icing according to the recipe, apart from I used low fat cream cheese instead of the full fat kind in a mad attempt to cut the calories (pointless). But alas the mixture went runny… oh well, I decided to leave it in the fridge overnight to “firm up”.

Not sure what I was expecting here, but I was hoping for a lovely whipped-y topping like you get with a nice fluffy buttercream. Sadly the frosting stayed at almost liquid consistency, so I flipped the bake upside-down to give me a flat surface for pouring.


See what I mean? Never mind, I scattered nuts on top and broke out a bowl to catch all the drippy icing for my first slice.


And you know what? It was delicious! Maybe not the prettiest outcome but still very tasty and the tray bake already has a healthy (or unhealthy) chunk missing. The slightly sweet pecans are really perfect with the apples, which came out in good big pieces in the cake, and the topping is tasty enough despite being more like a custard or cream texture.

So, things I’d do differently if I made this recipe again:

  1. Use a hand whisk for the egg whites from the start so they can properly stiffen up
  2. Use proper full fat cream cheese for the icing and somehow less liquid – less maple syrup and more sugar?
  3. Get a “proper?” peeler for the apples to save my soul


Anyway, I’m already eyeballing the chocolate fudge cake for Luke’s birthday next week, so watch this space!

Anna xx


2 thoughts on “Bramley apple and maple syrup tray bake

  1. Fat acts as a thickener so if you used full fat it would probably be fine even if you kept the liquid content the same 🙂
    Full fat always and forever 😉

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