Exploring Corfe Castle

It’s a special day today…


Luke’s 26th birthday!

Which calls for a day off work, an obscenely dense homemade chocolate cake eaten at 10am, and a lazy wander around Corfe Castle.


We haven’t been in about a year, and last time we went on an Easter bank holiday so the grounds were busy with picnicking families and egg hunts. This time couldn’t have been more different!


There were a few other people around, but it was so quiet! Almost silent apart from the sound of the nearby road and a group of crows squawking overhead.


We were so lucky with the weather – bright sunshine and blue skies.


Pretty much every wall or fence you try to photograph is wonky.


Try as we might, there was no way we could put the walls back…


… never mind, the castle is still beautiful in its own way.



We stopped for lunch at the Greyhound, a cute pub offering parsnip soup and sweet potato fries (among other seasonal dishes) – delicious! And just enough to tide us over until the next slab of birthday cake.

Anyway, that was enough action for the day. It’s supposed to be a birthday after all! Time for us to relax with a takeaway and maybe find a film to veg out in front of. Gotta love birthdays!

Anna xx



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