Snowdrops at Kingston Lacy

Despite the continued cloud cover, we knew the weekend would feel wasted if we didn’t get out for a walk somewhere – just to feel like we hadn’t spent the whole time on the sofa. After a quick Google, we chose Kingston Lacy, a country house about half an hour away from Poole set in huge landscaped gardens.


The main clincher for me was the promise of snowdrops. All week I’d been drooling over pictures on Instagram and wondering where the best place to find them was…


Apparently it’s Kingston Lacy! There were hundreds and hundreds of snowdrops, just about everywhere you looked. The daffodils were still in hiding though…


“Why don’t you sing the Welsh national anthem to them to get them to bloom?”


Must’ve worked!


We didn’t have time to take a proper walk through the full woodland (plus it was freezing cold and our toes were starting to go numb) but we did get the chance to age a tree. The verdict was: “old”.


There were so many cute little gardens within the grounds, including this pretty tea garden.


We made our way past more snowdrop carpets…


… and back towards the house. We didn’t go in as I heard only the ground floor is open at the moment, and I was keen to get back to the heated seats in the car. Something to do next time!


I’d love to come back in the spring to see what the gardens have to offer in the warmer months. I bet it’d be beautiful!

Anna xx


8 thoughts on “Snowdrops at Kingston Lacy

    1. Thankyou! It’s a good visit this time of year and I think there’ll be even more to see after the renovations have been done in Feb – but gardens always interest me more than house interiors, I don’t know about you 🙂


      1. I always visit country estates for the gardens and to walk around the estate lands. I love the old trees and the whole Capability Brown thing! Lakes and folly’s are good for plants and wildlife and fab for interesting photos. I don’t go when it’s busy. I like to see the ‘big house’ in the distance and take photographs of interesting architectural points or just the way the light falls can interest me. There’s so much to see isn’t there?


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