Easy mini egg cupcakes

Everyone needs a quick recipe for something to satisfy those chocolate cravings which you can ACTUALLY make out of ingredients in your cupboard. My brother used to make hot chocolate and freeze it, just to have something solid and chocolate flavoured. These cakes fit the same definition of “something chewable which tastes like chocolate but isn’t an actual chocolate bar, which I’d have to go to the shop for”.

Ok, so this post is a bit of a cheat, as we did pop to the shop on our way home to get some mini eggs to “pretty up” these cupcakes – BUT – I could totally satisfy my chocolate cravings without this addition.


For the cakes, I find it best to follow a recipe which uses oil instead of butter, like this one. Every time I use butter for a cake it ends up really dense and dry – not a problem with vegetable oil. I think it’s because I’m lazy and can’t be bothered to get the butter to the right temperature or beat it before adding to the mix. Oil is way easier and I always get better results!


Look at me, all fancy with a piping bag! It’s worth the effort just for the fun factor I think. The icing is just a basic buttercream with cocoa powder, being quite ad-hoc with ratios until it gets to the right consistency/flavour.


The final step is to add the mini eggs that you haven’t already eaten to the cakes. You’ll notice that there was only enough for 2 on each cake and that I had eaten all the pink ones (by accident).


Don’t mind if I do…


What’s your go-to recipe for when you’re craving that sugar hit?

Anna xx


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