Lazy creme egg brownies

Sometimes when it comes to baking you just have to cheat and crack out a box mix. The trouble with box mixes is that they ALWAYS taste better than anything I can come up with, no matter how fancy the ingredients. This time I was making a couple of batches to bring into work on Friday and just couldn’t be bothered faffing around sifting flour and making a mess – more of a weekend activity when patience levels are higher.

Anyway, if a box mix is good enough for The LondonerΒ it’s good enough for me!


I’ve seen loads of creme egg brownies online lately and fancied giving it a go myself. Partly I was just curious to see what would actually happen to a creme egg during baking.


What I used to get 40 little brownies out of two batches:

  • 2 Betty Crocker brownie box mixes, made according to instructions
  • 20 mini eggs, halved
  • About half of a 120g Milky Bar for drizzling
  • 7 inch (18cm) square tin

The size was pretty perfect – about 3 bites big and a good size for sharing out.


Good luck little eggs…


Ok experiment results: the “creme” inside the eggs behaved strangely in the oven – first it puffed up in little domes, then it turned to a caramel coloured liquid, then it solidified burnt.


Deploy emergency Milky Bar!


HOWEVER despite not being the prettiest, I think the burny-ness actually added a nice crunch to the brownies…


… well I didn’t get any complaints from the office! A definite winner.

Anna xx


13 thoughts on “Lazy creme egg brownies

  1. It looks absolutely delicious! There’s nothing wrong with a good old box mix, especially if it’s a Betty Crocker one! If you ever want to try your hand at making brownies from scratch then Mary Berry has a really easy recipe. You just dump everything into a bowl and give it a good mix. I have the recipe on my blog, if you’re interested. I’ve got it written out the long method, but seriously, it turns out the same if you just mix it all in together!

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