Sunshine lemon cupcakes

I found myself at a bit of a loose end last night, with no real plans, an itch to do something “creative” and of course a craving for something sweet (standard of an evening). The perfect solution was to bake! But let’s be honest, when isn’t cake the answer to all of life’s problems?

I’ve been slowly working my way through the Bake Off book, and fancied making cupcakes as they’re easier for sharing out – much less mess in the office.


For some reason I was in a really methodical mood and pretty much followed the recipe exactly. Look how un-curdled my cake mix came out as a result!


Very pleased indeed.


A fairly basic buttercream icing made of 75g butter, 250g icing sugar and 3 tablespoons of lemon curd (delicious! Except I ate too much of the leftovers just before bed and then couldn’t get to sleep)


As they were, nothing about the cakes really screamed: “lemon”. So I had a go at making candied lemon slices to put on top, using this recipe.


I was surprised when the slices actually went “edible”. They were still quite sour – if I was to make these cakes again I’d coat them in sugar crystals to take the edge off a little bit (and I think it’d look pretty which is the main reason for adding a garnish)


Another thing I’d maybe do differently is try and get a little blob of lemon curd into the middle of the cakes somehow. I’m sure I’ve seen special baking syringes for that? Or maybe I could just cut out a piece from the middle, pipe the curd in and pop the lid back on. Something to try next time…

All in all though, a big success!

Anna xx


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