The perfect weekend

It doesn’t take much to make a perfect weekend if you think about it in “list” terms:

  1. Loved ones
  2. Sunshine
  3. Beautiful scenery

But it all comes down to timing of course. This weekend my parents and the pooch came to stay, and we were blessed with the warmest, sunniest weather of the year so far. To the beach then!


Look at this little lion…


Posing like a model in front of Old Harry Rocks, good boy!


We kicked off Sunday with a trip to Arne, which I’ve never seen so busy (there were many more people than just this lady below).


We got to a hilly bit and spotted a few deer in the open grass – just when I was pointing over and saying “that’s where I’ve seen deer before”. We particularly liked their little white heart-shaped bum patches.


Got to find the beach, of course.


Hot little dog! Where’s the tongue emoji?


What with the clocks going forward, it seemed rude not to visit the beach for sunset. You’d think I’d be bored of beaches by now but is that even possible?


I spent a little time watching the seagulls dive for worms (sea worms?) and fly off to eat them, while the sunset developed in front of me.

DSC_0272 (1)DSC_0293

More and more pink in the sky…


… but suddenly I was distracted by this pretty kitty. She was so friendly and I couldn’t bend down with my camera without her begging for head scratches. A little diva just after attention; we got on very well, me and her.


The Instagram caption says it all really – the perfect end to a perfect weekend!

Anna xx


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