Sunny afternoon at Blue Pool

It feels like ages since we’ve been to Blue Pool – one of those places you forget a bit about when thinking of nice walks. In our heads we haven’t been for years but we actually last went almost exactly a year ago.


Synchronised swimmers!


I love how every time the light changes, the colour of the water changes too.


The sun came out in little bursts as the clouds gradually cleared up.


We were quacking back at this duck for a good few minutes before I got a shot of him mid-quack…


Love these fluffy little robins. This one was preening his feathers with comical effect…

DSC_0803 (1)DSC_0791DSC_0853



We checked the map at the end to make sure we hadn’t missed anything…


Heather, gorse and robins – tick; everything else – not in luck today.

Fortunately our resident neighbourhood squirrel was hanging out in the flat car park – who needs a nature reserve?


Would definitely recommend a couple of hours at Blue Pool though – it’s fairly expensive at £7 each but there’s tons to see!

Anna xx


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