Bluebell obsession

How can anyone not be obsessed with bluebells at this time of year?


It seems like nature has done everything x1000 this year – especially bluebells. We got our first fix over Easter at Coy Pond Gardens, which I remembered from last year had a bumper crop. Didn’t disappoint this time round!


Still, I’d heard rumours of something big, the motherlode, THE place to be this spring if you just can’t get enough of those little blue flowers.


My first butterfly picture of the year!


There were soooo many people around, all enjoying the bluebells and having photoshoots with dogs/babies/children. Having none of the above, we made do with posing for each other…

DSC_0871DSC_0873 (1)DSC_0879DSC_0889DSC_0892

Another beautiful butterfly, this time with a bee friend!


Got my bluebell fix now, for this weekend at least!

Anna xx


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