Foolproof chocolate cookies

Having just spent a week stuffing our faces with pizza and gelato (Amalfi Coast blog pictures to follow…) we felt that we needed to come down slowly with some classic extreme chocolate cookies.


These cookies are so easy to make – they’re just a basic chocolate cookie recipe with tons of chocolate chunks. I usually follow Tanya Burr’s recipe, switching up the chocolate bars each time.


I love to use Milkybar, Galaxy and, of course, Cadbury’s Dairy Milk – this time in the form of Freddo Faces.


The secret is to take them out a couple of minutes early to get them nice and squishy…


I think they keep cooking once out of the oven, so they end up a nice chewy texture once cooled.


I managed to get 16 reasonably sized cookies out of the recipe, and even one is enough to satisfy the sugar cravings – naturally we have eaten 6 between us and can confirm that this amount causes a mild sugar coma. Well, everyone knows you can’t start a diet on a Sunday!

Anna xx


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