Pretty Positano

I came away from Italy with nearly 2000 photos, even after deleting all the blurry/unflattering shots, so it’s taken a couple of weeks to get the courage up to have a proper sort through.

FullSizeRender 31

We actually only spent a few hours in Positano, from around 3pm to 9pm, so it’s a good place to start (only 6 hours of photos to wade through = hundreds not thousands)

FullSizeRender 10IMG_1325IMG_1313

We made a bee line from the bus stop for the turquoise water you can see from the bus, downhill towards the beach…

FullSizeRender 71FullSizeRender 56

… and took the time to chill out for an hour or so, before taking a wander around the place.

FullSizeRender 24FullSizeRender 16FullSizeRender 17

We looped up and around, taking in all the sights. I don’t think there’s anywhere you can take a bad picture in Positano!

FullSizeRender 92FullSizeRender 53

IMG_1306FullSizeRender 96

For dinner we dragged ourselves back up the hill to the Covo restaurant at Hotel l’Ancora, for warming bowls of spaghetti as the light disappeared.

IMG_1029IMG_1026FullSizeRender 55

We waited until the sun had properly set (and we were properly cold), then hopped on a bus back to Sorrento.

FullSizeRender 95

Perfect Positano!

Anna xx


11 thoughts on “Pretty Positano

  1. Beautiful pictures. It looks like you had an amazing time. Thanks for sharing your trip. I’m even more excited to go here next month now!


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