Colourful Capri

Checking the weather forecast on our first day in the Amalfi Coast, it didn’t seem like we’d get that many full sunny days for our week. Bearing this in mind, we shuffled our vague plans for a day trip to Capri forwards to the Sunday, to make the most of the sun. We caught the 10:30 ferry out towards Capri, making sure to check the views of Sorrento disappearing behind us.IMG_0346IMG_0357

We stood at the bottom of the ferry, right at the edge, getting repeatedly splashed by the water.


After about half an hour, we hopped off the ferry and immediately went the wrong way i.e. the walking route to the top instead of the handy funicular train to the top.


The walk was quiet, and it felt like we were seeing the “real” Capri as we walked past people’s houses and gardens. I particularly love the design of the street signs in Capri…


… anyway it wasn’t long before we made it to the top of the island into the main square.


We stopped off for mini pizzas (the world needs more of these) and relatively extortionate granita, to power us onto the next sights.


We handed over a euro each to get into Giardini di Augusto, expecting pretty gardens…


… but also getting stunning views out to the Capri faraglioni thrown in.


After a little break to rest our feet, we decided to head for the next sight – Arco Naturale


As we got closer and closer, it became apparent that the Arco Naturale is a huge Italian Durdle Door…


Loved it! Back to the port to wait for our ferry to Sorrento, and a stop off for gelato (peach for me, Kinder Bueno for Luke)


I didn’t really know what to expect from Capri but it was brilliant – definitely surprised me!

Anna xx


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