Birthday in Amsterdam

As an extra special treat for my birthday this year, Luke and I headed off for a couple of nights in Amsterdam. Fair warning, this post is very photo-heavy as it was impossible not to whip my camera out for every aesthetic bike on a canal in front of some buildings. Rude not to!

IMG_2271IMG_1083IMG_2301FullSizeRender 18

After sweating our way through town from the station, we checked into our lovely hotel, Hotel Rudolph, with a free bottle of bubbly because they’d only been open for 2 weeks. We booked room 102 and had this gorgeous view of the canals…


Perfect for people watching!

Cava polished off, we headed into town to find a cruise.

IMG_2273FullSizeRender 11

Even more people foot spotting was possible from the canal boat…

FullSizeRender 6IMG_1250IMG_2276

On Friday morning we headed across town to the Rijksmuseum to find the I amsterdam sign. Luke was excellent at following instructions on the way…

FullSizeRender 15IMG_2279IMG_2284IMG_2283IMG_1555IMG_2282

Got to do a bit of mucking about being tourists with the I amsterdam sign of course


Me clinging on for dear life – it was a lot higher up than it looks. There were tons of fearless kids climbing all over the letters without a care in the world, but my knees were shaking just getting up this high. 26 must be my wimpy year.

FullSizeRender 14

We slowly wandered back through town through a cute little neighbourhood…


View of the Royal Palace from the top floor of H&M, where we had retreat to find an emergency jumper for me as I’d gone all grumpy from being cold.


We were literally staying a 2 minute walk from the Museum of Bags & Purses, so popped in for a look around, which Luke tolerated fairly well. Here’s the oldest bag they had, from 1600AD…


And my two faves which were the “comedy” bags…


After getting our fill of bags we stopped off for fruity pancakes at Pancake House Upstairs – a happy accident finding such a special little place as I just typed “pancake” into Google Maps and walked to the nearest result.


Upstairs Pannenkoeken is a tiny and super cute pancake house located up a ridiculously steep staircase. We were lucky with our timing to get a table as there was only just a free table when we arrived, one of 4 in the whole place.


We went back to the hotel for a little rest before heading out for drinks and a bite to eat. The light was so beautiful on our walk into town, I couldn’t resist snapping away hundreds of pictures


Dutch ducks (and ducklings!)

IMG_2300IMG_2302FullSizeRender 16IMG_2274IMG_2307FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender 4IMG_2304

Eventually we settled at a bar with a beer and the fanciest rhubarb G&T



When it was finally starting to get dark, we hunted down pretty bridges lit up like make-up mirrors…


…before retiring to bed with aching feet. I don’t think I’ve ever fallen asleep so quickly!

We had a couple of hours to kill on the Saturday before our flight, so headed to the horticultural gardens to see the butterflies…

FullSizeRender 19IMG_2081IMG_2316

… and a bee


However I somehow managed to get bitten by something through my jeans. I don’t have a picture of this because it’s kind of gross, but it’s the worst bite I’ve had in adult life. That sounds bad but I’m not usually a bite-ee (ok, 26 is definitely my wimpy year)

Anyway, bites aside, I loved our little trip to Amsterdam and would love to go back! It was such a relaxing time and so refreshing to have a holiday where we had no real “checklist” (except to get a picture by the “a” of “I amsterdam”) so could spend most of our time just relaxing and soaking in the sights.

Thank you Luke for a lovely trip!

Anna xx


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