Saturday afternoon at Compton Acres

Having spent the majority of the day slobbing around eating McDonalds, I wanted to get out with my camera and get some daylight. We had that conversation: “where do you want to go?” “I dunno, where do you want to go?” for a good half an hour, before deciding on Compton Acres.

FullSizeRender 20IMG_3502

I’d seen the gardens before, in autumn, but there wasn’t nearly as much colour as today.


Love the Italian Villa – mini flashbacks to our gorgeous holiday in the Amalfi Coast


My fav of all the gardens at Compton Acres is the rock and water garden, with its cute bridges and bright colourful flowers.


If these flowers aren’t called “banana lilies” then there’s something wrong…


I also never knew how furry butterflies are up close!


A quick walk through the heather garden…


…and finally we got to the Japanese garden.


Where we discovered that Luke is a fish whisperer


With a few minutes left before closing we walked back around to the rock and water garden hunting for more butterflies.


Found a bee!


But it became clear it was time to go home…


Unfortunately we’d been too sneaky in returning to the rock and water garden and the staff had closed up for the day…


… after flagging down a nice man who unlocked the gates for us, we made our sheepish exit.

Til next time!

Anna xx


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