Sunshine at Witley Court

After a couple of fun, late nights this weekend we needed to get out of the house and get some sunlight – mainly to stop us falling asleep on the sofa and screwing up our sleep routines for good. Witley Court seemed like a good shout so we headed there…


At 20 to 4 I took a picture of a church…


… before we headed to the house.


Despite map consultancy we still managed to lose each other. Wonder what they did in the olden days without mobile phones? A series of bells? Pigeons? Really loud shouting?


By chance, our timing was perfect for the 4pm fountains…


We sat for a little while in refreshing fountain mist before wandering around the gardens, and my favourite bit, the conservatory…


That seemed like a good overall effort, so we made our way home. Witley Court’s a great place for seeing a lot of different things in a short physical space – woodland, gardens, ruin-y house, fountains. Just the job for a couple of hours spare, and perfect for a bit longer with a picnic if we’d bothered to think about it. Maybe next time!

Anna xx


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