First attempt at star photography

After months of scrolling through beautiful photos of the Milky Way in Dorset on Instagram, I thought it was time to get out there myself and give it a go. Last night’s conditions looked perfect – it was going to be clear with only a small amount of “moon” – and Lulworth Cove seemed like a great place to try out my new tripod.


We arrived just as the sun was setting and had a little walk up to the top


Once the sun had properly set we made our way to Lulworth Inn for some hot drinks, to warm up a bit and wait for the sky to get properly dark.


At about half 9 we walked over to the beach. It was due to get properly dark at around half 10 so we had a little while to wait, but I got some pics in the mean time, trying to work out camera settings…


Unfortunately this is the best photo I got of the Milky Way with the cove in the shot – but I was still fiddling with the focus and stuff so it’s all a bit blurry…


The clouds came creeping in, covering the bits of sky I knew had the main Milky Way bits in…


Luke got the opportunity to practise standing very still for 20 second periods…


We left around 11pm, so didn’t really give the sky a fair chance to clear up. I heard it did clear up before midnight so we definitely should have stuck it out… next time we need to bring little chairs, blankets and a thermos of tea. (Why do all my posts end with “next time we’ll bring a picnic”? The logical conclusion is that I need to bring a picnic with me wherever I go)

Camera-wise, I used my Nikon D5500 with its kit lens – mostly at f3.5, 18mm and ISO 1600, 20 second exposures. Was really pleased with how it did for being “just” a kit lens. And a shiny new Manfrotto tripod, which is a total dream and one of those things I wish I had got sooner

Waiting for the next clear night so I can get back out there now!

Anna xx


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