Cornwall part 2 – Lizard, Kynance Cove and Tintagel

What better time to go over a few holiday pics than when it’s cold and wet outside and you’re tucked up inside with a blanket and slippers? Or maybe it’s worse – I can’t decide.


Unfortunately the first set of photos from our second half of our Cornwall trip isn’t so warming – there was loads of sea mist rolling in on the Sunday night…


Luckily the weather was a lot brighter the next day and we made the most of it with a trip to Kynance Cove, somewhere I’d been looking forward to visiting for a while.


After a mini hike and some ice creams to help stop the sweating, we drove up to St Ives.


It occurred to us that we’d been in Cornwall for 2 days and were yet to have any scones (and only 1 pasty) so made sure to address this. I even tried my scones the Cornish way (jam first) but decided it was sub-optimal as you can’t pile as many toppings on.


Since we had a full day parking ticket for Kynance Cove, we went back for a sunset picnic.


Our last day took us over to Tintagel, another place I’d seen on Instagram and was keen to see for myself.



So glad we made the detour up to Tintagel – it was really worth it! Missing the sun and beautiful turquoise sea at Cornwall…


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