Red squirrel hunting on Brownsea Island

This might be the most autumnal set of photos I’ve ever taken…

As usual, I’d been drooling over other people’s Instagram pics of the cute red squirrels on Brownsea Island for a few weeks, so we caught the boat over.


I’d heard that this was the best time of year for seeing red squirrels but didn’t quite believe it until we saw it for ourselves.


Look how close they were!


This one was our favourite – he waited for all the photographers to leave and then hopped around from log to log cleaning up all the monkey nuts.


Action shot of peanut excavation…


The squirrels didn’t seem too keen on the peacocks, who wanted to get in on the action…


This one had a bit of an itchy ear…


And as if the experience couldn’t get any cuter, a little peachick appeared!


We went for a little walk around to sit and eat our Tesco meal deals, standard. One day we’ll be proper planners and prepare a proper picnic.


The sun came out for one final round of squirrel pictures, then we headed back to Poole Quay for the rest of the day.




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