4 days in Innsbruck

Warning – whopper of a post!

Day 1 – Friday

We landed in Innsbruck around lunch time and hopped on the bus to the centre of town to find our hotel on Maria-Theresien-Strasse (Hotel Weisses Kreuz). Couldn’t believe the beautiful bright blue skies and how everywhere you looked there was a snow topped mountain.

Luckily we were right next door to some food and so we ate a tasty chilli sin carne at a whole-foods type cafe next to the hotel. (Incidentally during the holiday I probably ate around 90% vegan with the biggest weak point being apple strudels… I assume they are not vegan but they sure are tasty)


We went for a blissful walk in the sun by the river, which had me worried that I’d been too militant about us bringing millions of layers. (I didn’t need to worry, my skin is actually still a bit shrivelled up from being so cold)


After a little deliberation we bought a 48 hour Innsbruck card each from the hotel and made our first use of it to go up the old town hall tower. There’s two spiral staircases inside the tower (one up, one down) and they make you walk over a glass floor on the middle bit at the top to get to the good views outside


Our last stop of the day was burgers at Ludwig, where I wondered – not for the first time – whether it would be weird if I just ordered 5 portions of sweet potato fries for dinner next time that’s an option.


Day 2 – Saturday

Since a full day of cloud was forecast for Saturday, we decided to do an indoorsy day. We killed a bit of time waiting for the bus in the Hofburg palace, then hopped on the bus to Schloss Ambras, listening to the kids audio tour instead of the adults because there were more “wacky” facts and “comedy” sound effects.


Schloss Ambras was good for a wander, and we had some tasty soup in the bistro to get energy levels back up.


The day finished with drinks at Woosabi and Cafe Bar Moustache, and the tastiest marinara pizza ever at Mamma Mia just round the corner.


Day 3 – Sunday

Sunday was going to be nice clear weather in the morning so we decided it’d be our day to go up the mountain. We used the Innsbruck cards to go by funicular then gondola up the Nordkette, amongst the first skiers of the day.


It confirmed my suspicion that I’m a cowardy cowardy custard and a true wimp because even standing on the icy bits of snow made me so scared I’d fall over that my legs actually started to shake a bit. It got better the longer I walked around and didn’t fall over, and especially after I realised that my shoes were more sensible than Luke’s so he would probably fall over before me.



The rest of the day was pretty chilled with lunch at My Indigo (best meal of the trip, probably) and then dinner later at the Hard Rock Cafe (nice cocktail but disappointing vegan mac and cheese – in hindsight I don’t know what I expected but it was weird and spicy and just not my cup of tea)


Day 4 – Monday

Woke up to SNOW!! So after checking out and stashing our bags it was up the tower again to see how much it had snowed.


The answer – loads! We spent the rest of the day wandering around aimlessly in the snow and stopping for tea and coffee when it got too cold. I also spent some of the day losing snowball fights then making Luke clean my snowy glasses so I could see again.


4 days turned out to be a great amount of time in lovely Innsbruck and we got lucky to see it in so many different weathers. Although I’m pretty ready for a bit of warm weather now…


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