Pretty Positano

I came away from Italy with nearly 2000 photos, even after deleting all the blurry/unflattering shots, so it's taken a couple of weeks to get the courage up to have a proper sort through. We actually only spent a few hours in Positano, from around 3pm to 9pm, so it's a good place to start … Continue reading Pretty Positano

The perfect weekend

It doesn't take much to make a perfect weekend if you think about it in "list" terms: Loved ones Sunshine Beautiful scenery But it all comes down to timing of course. This weekend my parents and the pooch came to stay, and we were blessed with the warmest, sunniest weather of the year so far. … Continue reading The perfect weekend

A short stop in Swanage

I had a few days off last week, with grand plans of sunrise trips to Durdle Door; night excursions to try out some star photography somewhere nice and dark... so of course it poured with rain and I immediately got a cold. (I think this is actually recognised - something like "leisure sickness" when stress … Continue reading A short stop in Swanage

One night in Llandudno

This weekend took us to North Wales, for a chance to celebrate and catch up with family, as well as make the most of the area in the relatively little time we were staying. One of the many benefits of getting out to visit relatives in their local area is the personal recommendations - the … Continue reading One night in Llandudno

Weymouth Wandering

It had been a while since we'd popped out to Weymouth and I always love the variety of scenes it has to offer, from the leafy gardens... the colourful boats and buildings around the harbour... the sandy beaches with your classic "Victorian seaside" feeling. For a quick treat to refuel, we love The … Continue reading Weymouth Wandering

Murmuration at Studland

Sometimes I forget how lucky I am to live where I do - Friday was not one of those days. We've had some beautiful weather all week and on checking various Instagram hashtags I noticed a lot of uploads from one particular area, my favourite beach in Poole, Studland. The reason why this area was … Continue reading Murmuration at Studland

Turning 24

Last week I turned 24! Since my birthday fell on a weekday, Luke and I took the day off and had a relaxing time eating far too much food and going for walks in the sun. I will always avoid working on my birthday if I can help it! We started with lunch at The … Continue reading Turning 24