First attempt at star photography

After months of scrolling through beautiful photos of the Milky Way in Dorset on Instagram, I thought it was time to get out there myself and give it a go. Last night's conditions looked perfect - it was going to be clear with only a small amount of "moon" - and Lulworth Cove seemed like … Continue reading First attempt at star photography


Lulworth Cove at sunset

All week I've been hoping for a pretty sunset - it had been quite promising with plenty of sunny days and just the right amount of clouds. We headed off to Lulworth Cove on Tuesday evening for a little walk, with fingers crossed for some nice skies as the sun set. Unfortunately there were too … Continue reading Lulworth Cove at sunset

Lulworth Cove and beyond

Today we spent a little time exploring a new bit of the coastline that we hadn't seen before. One of the many things I love about living in Dorset is that there always seems to be somewhere we haven't yet discovered, even after 3 or so years! We started out at a classic destination though, … Continue reading Lulworth Cove and beyond